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TLS Media

3200 Guasti Rd Suite 100
Ontario, CA 91761
TEL: 909-456-1460

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri: 9am – 5pm
Sat: Closed
Sun: Closed

For any inquiries or troubleshooting problems please refer to this help guide. If you can’t seem to resolve your issue please send us a detailed message outlining the problem you may be experiencing. We will always try to answer within 24 hours of receiving the email. Thank you!

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    Live TV
    Our Live TV memorizes the last station that was viewed. Each time you enter the Bolt TV the last station automatically loads. If you want to tune into a different station hit the left arrow as the program is on and you may easily navigate between stations. If you want to access a different category of stations hit the left arrow a second time. You may notice one of the categories is listed as “favorites”. To add a station and/or removing it works the same way. Long press the station you want to add or remove, and it will work. To go back to watching the current station hit the left arrow a 3rd time. If you’re finished watching the live tv section, simply hit the back button/return and on the left of the screen it will list the main menu options you have the option to switch to.

    TV Catch Up (5-day DVR)
    With this awesome feature all you must know is what time the show/movie came on, the station category and station name. Pretty self-explanatory but any question please contact support.

    TV Guide
    To switch categories hit the back button on your remote when you’re in the tv guide. If there is something currently on then hit the left arrow while the content is playing, this will allow you to switch from the current category to a different one while something is being played live. To exit hit return twice.

    Live Sports
    Select “Live Sports”, you will see the listings of all the sports. To the right you’ll see if the games are live, ended or when they will begin. (To choose a specific category on a sport, hit the left arrow on your remote and scroll down to choose. Always remember to set it back to “all” so the next time you enter you can see all the sports listings.) In the sports menu select a sport of your interest that is live. While the sport is playing hit the right arrow on your remote. This will enable you to browse through the sports listing while your current selection is playing in the background. To go back to your game, hit the right arrow. To exit the game hit the back button.

    Video on Demand
    Video on Demand is self-explanatory. The movie and tv show menus are both located on the left. Hitting the up arrow will allow you to choose between genres or search a movie/show that may be available. Requests for movies/shows to be added are welcomed.

    Bolt TV FAQs

    • How do I clear cache if I need to?

    Ans: On the home screen of your device select “settings”, “apps”, “Bolt TV Live”, “clear cache”. (This only works on Android Devices, not fire tv)

    • I rather not have the last station I watched automatically play.

    Ans: In the Bolt APK select “settings”, scroll down underneath “Live TV Settings” and disable “Auto Start last channel”.

    • It is difficult for me to see the listings on the TV Guide.

    Ans: No problem! In the Bolt APK select “settings”, scroll down underneath “EPG setting” and select “size”. From here make adjustment.

    • I’m trying to watch a game that went overtime but for some reason I don’t see the listing under Live Sports.

    Ans: In the Bolt TV APK select “settings”, scroll down underneath “advanced settings” and enable “show ended events for match center”. From here you may return to live sports section and find your listing.

    • How will I find out when my account will be expired?

    Ans: In Bolt TV APK choose “settings” and it’s on the very top.

    • I’m getting buffering on a lot of stations for some reason.

    Ans: Try clearing cache (FAQ #1) and reboot your device. If this does not work contact support with full details.

    • How do I contact Bolt TV Support and how should I report a station?

    Ans: Station: Food Network HD
    Issue: Buffering/Heavy pixelation/stream stops every minute/etc
    Device: Android Box/computer/iPad etc
    Platforms tested: App/Web or both
    Location: CA
    Username: Johndoe123

    • Up to how many devices may I use the service on?

    Ans: 2 devices. all must be under the same roof unless you’re streaming from a mobile device or computer from work temporarily.

    • What is the website to stream online?

    Ans: — make sure your device is connected to Wifi for the best results.